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For the past few weeks we have been working on a mixed humanities and scimatics project called argh matey. This project has been all about historical significance and cells and diseases. The driving questions were : What is the significance of global exploration? How do cells and diseases interact? It has been a very interesting project, and this is the blog post about it all.

At the start of our project, we made a mind map on cells and diseases, now that the project is over, this is my end mind map:


Historical significance: This competency was all about establishing the historical significance of an explorer. I chose Francisco Vázquez de Coronado, and I think that I did very well. I definitely think that I included many things to show how he was significant to history and exploration and I think that it was quite easy to understand in my final comic book. I also think that I really improved on this competency throughout the project.

Communicating: This competency was mainly about using digital tools and scientific language to find solutions. I think that in my final comic book, I really did this competency well, by using scientific language and explaining in a way how bacteria spreads, and what it does. I think I could probably improve on this competency more through other projects later to come, because it is a very scientific and complicated competency.


Connect: This competency is about reading and connecting to things you’ve seen or heard. I think I did well with this competency by listening to what I was learning and using the knowledge I gained throughout the project to make my final comic. I think I can improve on this competency, but I also think that I did make a slight improvement on it from the start of this project to the end.



Here is my final comic book:Francisco vs. Typhus



All in all I think I did a good job with this project, and I am very proud of how my comic book turned out, because I think it’s a interesting comic book that explains things and is clear. I really liked working on this split project, and it was fun.

Thanks for reading my blog post! Be sure to comment! 😃




indiras • May 15, 2020

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