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Witnessing History

The project we’ve been working on for the past couple of weeks, has been called: A Witness To History. This project has been all about these times of COVID-19. Throughout the project we’ve done many tasks to end up with a photo essay.

I answered this question, with the photo essay I made. I think that the photos I took were good answer, and a good way of showing how my community, has been acting.


Many of the stages helped throughout this project, especially the big ones leading up to the end result. I think that certain things helped with the process,  including my Storyboard, my Story spine and many other steps.


Here is my final essay:

In the end my final draft was created, by me walking around my community with my camera, and taking photos. I took lots of photos and spent a while editing them to make them what they are in the essay. I think that it really answers the driving question with the shots and angles and the ideas behind the photos as well.




Thank you for reading my blog post! Be sure to comment(and social distance)!

indiras • May 15, 2020

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