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Every object: New France!

For the past few weeks we have been working on a project called Every Object Tells a Story. This project has been all about life in New France and artifacts! The driving question for this project was: How can artifacts teach us about settlement, peoples, and life in New France?



The first competency I wanted to talk about is called Communicate. This competency is all about representing my own ideas through the stepping stones and milestones. Some examples of when I shared my own ideas in the work would be:

Artifact Research

Character letter

Every object tells a story.

The second competency I wanted to talk about is Evidence. This competency is about evaluating evidence and artifacts to decide if they were adequate to support a historical conclusion and story. Some work from the project that I think best represents this competency would be:

Formal artifact write up

How did interactions continue and change?


For the final product of this project, we made a book, featuring a real life artifact from New France. Here is mine:The richest coffee pot


Now, I need to reflect. I think that this project was very different from the majority of the projects we did this year for humanities because this project was all done from home. Unlike other projects, due to COVID 19, we did this entire project online, which was very different and difficult but I think it all worked out in the end. I feel like I really explored my writing skills and I really enjoyed writing my final story. I’m really proud of my end product and I think it really reflects my views.



Finally, to answer the driving question, I think that artifacts can teach us about New France, and the people that lived there, but only when we pay close attention to the details of the artifacts. When researches payed close attention to the artifact I chose, they realized it had been used a lot, therefore probably owned by someone rich. Attention to detail could really help tell some stories.


Thank you for reading my blog post! Be sure to comment!

indiras • June 19, 2020

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