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A Sustainable Blue Sky!!!

The last maker project of the year! This project was called A Sustainable Blue Sky, and in this project we focused on an important thing, the UN 🇺🇳 Sustainability goals. (Click on flag to see more info! This blog post will be about what I did in this project, and what my group did for our big exhibition at the end of the project!

My project 

For my project I had 17 goals to choose from, and I chose goal #14, Life Below Water.

I had a very long process to go through before my final product, which I decided was going to be a photoessay. I documented my process in a LAUNCH journal, which is here:

My final product was a photo essay, which is here: Marine debris photo essay

Group project

The other part of this project was in a group. We got put in groups based on the goals we chose, if other people had the same goal as us or similar, then we would be in the same group. My group name was The Water, because all of our goals were water based. The people in my group were : RyanJulienLogan,Nathan,LiamKeenanLouisa and Owen.

We presented in the spring exhibition which took place on zoom, and we were the first group to present. Our presentation was in a quiz-like format, where we asked the audience questions, gave them some time to answer, and then answered them with our projects. Overall our presentation was about 6 minutes long, and I think it went very well. We also mentioned a few things to do to help the ocean, because we are killing it. It went smoothly and I think everyone at the exhibition got the message.

Do your part

Before I talk about some of the competencies, I just wanted to say that if you are reading this, there are many ways to do your part in saving the ocean. Here is a website that tells you all about what you can do to help: Ways you can save the ocean


Research and understand: How might I research and understand a problem, process, or challenge using different perspectives?

This competency was definitely used a lot throughout this project, especially in all of the research steps. I think that I improved on this competency in this project because I researched more thoroughly, but I still think I can improve on it in other projects.

Revise: How might I see this as a First Attempt In Learning and revise?

I think I have improved on this competency, sometimes I forget to revise on things, and they get left behind, in this project I revised a few times, to get my final product. We also used the revise competency in my group, when we revised on our presentation, after the practice presentation we relised our presentation was too long, and we revised.

Take creative risks: Creative Risks: How might I use technology to create in new ways? thanks!

I think I used this competency throughout the whole project because it was all online, even the final exhibition! The presentation was definitely a creative way to use technology, and I think my photo essay was also a new way because I used an app, a iPad camera, and editing apps to make the whole thing from start to finish!

Thank you for reading my blog post! Be sure to check out Ways to save the ocean, and comment!

indiras • June 22, 2020

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