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The Ultimate Road Trip!!!

For the last scimatics project of the year we did a project called the Ultimate road trip! We learned things like how to make a budget, we planned a route, we made an equation, and much more! This blog post is all about that journey and the things l learned!


We made a budget for this road trip, to manage our money over the course of a few days, I chose a 14 day trip, and here is my budget: Budget


We made a route for where we wanted to go, and where we wanted to stop, I decided to go through Europe, and I started in Portugal and ended in Berlin, but I took a detour through Italy as well. All of my stops were:

1. Madrid

2. Toulouse

3. Monaco


5. Florence

6. Rome

7. Pompeii

8. SAN Marino

9. Geneva

10. Paris

11. Amsterdam

12. Hamburg

13 & 14. Berlin

My total costs for the entire trip were $3,136.00 US.
My equation I made using the Desmos app was this: Graph


The competencies for this project were Connecting and reflecting, Communicating and Representing and Reasoning and analyzing. I used connecting and reflecting in many of the aspects of this project especially this blog post. I think that I did pretty well with this competency and I’ve improved on it throughout the project. On Communicating and representing I think I could really improve on it more in future projects, but I believe that I have Improved a little bit. The last one is Reasoning and analyzing, and I think I did pretty good on this one and I used it in aspects in this project like in the budget. I think I did well on this one but there’s always room for improvement.


That’s the end of my Ultimate road trip blog post! Thanks for reading it!

indiras • June 22, 2020

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