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Hello! This is my first blog post of grade 9, it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post. I hope you’re all doing well, and let’s just jump into it and see this project together. So this is my journey of The project called Running A Remake! Here we go!

The driving question for this project was How might we learn video skills by recreating a short film? I’m just going to answer some of the question right here. We can learn video skills through recreations by taking the original video and breaking it down piece by piece until we get the why and the how. We can then take that information and do the exact process that the (most likely) professionals used. That way we gain the knowledge of how to create the type of video that we recreated, and, if we do a whole bunch of recreations, we can piece together all of the video skills that we will ever need, except (of course) the idea process, which we can learn from other things. In this case this short film teaches us a whole bunch of stuff, like camera angles, frame by frame, audio, editing and much more!

The short film that we recreated was called “Run”. It was a 1 minute horror film about a man who is on a jog in the woods.

We recreated this video shot by shot to the best of our ability in just 3 days! That’s crazy! However we did have a few milestones to go through before we could film.

Milestone 1 was all about learning how to use the tools we have, and trying to make an introduction video of ourselves. We filmed and edited a small video in clips, and learned how to use all of the cool filters and things like that.
Milestone 2 was just a plan for who in my team was going to do what to get the video done. We had to decide who was going to play each character, who was going to film, edit video, edit audio etc. We made a full plan of exactly what was going to happen and then we were ready to film.
Milestone 3 was the first video. We spent the first half of the day filming, and the second editing. We thought it was pretty good, and we presented it to the class. We had a peer critique session where we spotted things in other groups videos, and they pointed out some problems in ours.
Milestone 4 was the final remake. Even though we were really only supposed to reshoot a few scenes from our first draft, it started raining. So we decided to reshoot the entire thing. We reshot everything and re-edited everything. All in all I think the final remake was really good, but I’ll talk more about that later.

Here is our first draft of the remake.

My group for this project was RyanSimonJosh, and Liam.

My main job for the project was to edit the audio. I also did hold the umbrella and iPads. When it comes to editing the audio I think I really learnt a lot from it, as i haven’t really edited or played around with audio beforehand. It was really cool to learn how to do that and learn how to add in everything. Anyways here is our final draft of the remake.

The curricular competency for this project was Innovative Designer: How might I design a solution to a problem, process, or challenge? I think overall my level of this competency improved a ton. I think this/ know this because I really spoke up a lot more and helped with the challenge of recreating a short film. I know that last time we developed this competency I didn’t exactly know how to make solutions properly, and face challenges. I really think that this project has helped a lot and I think that my group and I as a whole did really well throughout this project.

All in all I think there is evidence of learning and I truly believe that I learned a lot throughout this 3 day project.

Thank you for reading my blog post, be sure to check out my groups blog posts, their links are in the post, and be sure to leave a comment!

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indiras • November 23, 2020

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