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About Me

Hi, my name is Indy, and this post is all about me. I live in British Columbia, Canada, but i was originally from Australia. I love to read and dance and I also love to draw. My favourite foods are macaroni and cheese, chocolate, and really anything sweet. I have 1 sister and a little miniature schnauzer dog named Charlie. I was born in Melbourne, Australia but I moved to British Columbia in 2012.

Here are some fun facts about me:

1. I haven’t eaten a fruit since grade 5

2. I have an older sister who is 16 and I’m basically a younger version of her.

3. I read half of the Harry Potter books and then never finished them.

4. Most of my family is in Australia, but I have a few relatives here in Canada.

5. I had a weird teacher in grade 7, so now I can spell words like trinitrotoluene.

6. My favourite book is Percy Jackson and the olympians series.

7. My favourite movies are Now you see me, any Marvel movie and The sound of music.


8. I have memorized every lyric in many strange songs.

9. I can play the flute

10. I can almost play the drums.

11. My favourite song is Happy together by the turtles.

12. I can take my eyes in and out of focus.

13. One of my favourite things in this entire world (apart from friends) is chocolate.

14. I can bark exactly like an aggressive little dog.

Thanks for reading a post about me! I hope you learned a bit about me and welcome to my portfolio.



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