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Credit and stealing (SBC)

This blog post is all about credit. You shouldn’t steal pictures to begin with, but if you do, please don’t pretend the image is yours. I think that sometimes when people aren’t familiar with technology or the internet, they don’t really know how to give proper credit. Here’s how to: First, if you are taking an…

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A HTML comment… (SBC)

For task 3 of the student blogging challenge I decided to leave a comment on a random student who is also in the challenge. I couldn’t get a picture of the comment live because I couldn’t get approved. I don’t usually use code for anything, but in this case it wasn’t too hard to learn….

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A comment…. (SBC)

If you don’t know how to leave a comment here’s how… 1.First, you go to the post you want to make a comment on. 2.Second, you type out your comment in the comment box. 3.Then you type in a word that it gives you to make sure you’re not spam. 4.After that you type in…

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My avatar (SBC)

I chose to make my avatar in bitmoji because I thought it was the most efficient way to make one. Bitmoji just had the style and the details that I wanted so that’s why I chose bitmoji.

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