Blogging Challenge Day 11: Reflection

– Challenge Day 11 –

Bonjour, This is sadly the end of our blogging challenge I actually really enjoyed this, I really like writing so this was something that helped me improve my writing while having some fun.

On the first day I was kind of reluctant to do this, it didn’t seem like fun at all, but around the end of these challenge I was actually really excited to see what was next. My favourite blogging challenge had to be either the free choice challenge or the music challenge, I enjoyed these because I got to talk about something I’m more passionate about which is why I think I was so excited for these two.

I will in fact continue to blog so you wont be seeing the last of me just yet. I’ll try and blog over my spring break and talk about all of the fun things I’m doing, like sitting at home and watching Netflix 🥲.

Also I got a spicy looking certificate for these challenges which of course I got to customize, so this is my lovely looking certificate:












Thanks for reading my final blog blog post challenge of the year, and as Cardi B. once said “See you next year, or not”.



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