Correlation v Causation

Bonjour! For our new project in scimatics  learnt about causation and correlation. We then took the knew information we gathered and created a google form which collected data that we turned into scatter plot graph, so lets gooo!

First we started off by making a mind map, this contained all the information we knew about causation and correlation, question about the project (ex when is this due), and more, this ones mine:









Next we did a fun experiment with our classmates that taught us how scatter plots work, how we were going to use numbers to create our graphs, and to teach us little bit about correlation and causation. We did this with everyone’s height and hand size, we did this to see if there was a correlation (which there was). The information was recorded in a table then placed into a scatter plot graph, take a look:















Do you see the correlation? If people are taller there more likely to have bigger hands! This was a really fun activity and suggest try it.

Next we started planning our survey, this was key point in at his project. First we had to pick a topic, this topic had to be something that corresponded with correlation and causation, our was about going to the beach during the summer and getting sunburned. This was a shoe in for causation because if your going to the beach a lot in the summer you more likely to get sunburnt, basically going to the beach a lot during the summer causes sunburns, bam causation. Next we started forming the questions we were going to use in our survey:







These questions helped us gain the information we were going to use to form our graphs, we did need to do a couple revisions but in the end our survey questions looked like this:






After our survey was complete and ready to go we put it out into the world, we did this by sending links to a lot of our classmates through large group chats and putting up posters with a QR code to our survey, This is how we got a lot of our survey responses and really helped us collect a lot of data.

Once we had enough responses we stared forming our presentation. This was made in keynote and helped us share our information with our classmates. The keynote included our survey questions, the final graphs, information about our survey and the process of creating it, and what we learnt to be the definition of what correlation and causation are.

The last thing we did was update our mind maps to include some information we had gathered and answer some of the questions we had, it was sort of like having a conversation with your past self!:










Circular Competencies:

Planning and conducting: Select and use appropriate equipment, including digital technologies, to systematically and accurately collect and record data.

I think I accomplished this competency, I used the digital tools I chose and was given to complete this project in a mature manor. Me and my partner used our planning document to discuss and conduct which tools we were going to use. These tools helped me collect and record the data for this project so there wasn’t a lot of messing around with them because it could compromise the results. I do think I could have used a the tools I had a little more efficiently: Talking more with my partner, planning out a little better, and discussing more about our survey content.

Communicating and Representing: Use mathematical vocabulary and language to contribute to mathematical discussions

I think that I accomplished this as well, I used mathematical text and images to show my work throughout the presentation and as well to show my progress throughout this project. I do feel that I could have payed attention to the text more and I wish I had placed more of it into the planning documents we had.

Applying and Innovating: Contribute to care for self, others, community, and world through individual or collaborative approaches

I feel I accomplished this competency during the progress of this project. I definitely think I accomplished I good balance between the working side of class and the fun side, this is  something I definitely have have matured in but do think I still need to work on. I still sometimes loose sight of that line but I know its there now.

Overall this was a really fun project I enjoyed presenting to my class -something I haven’t done in a while- this project also taught me a lot about correlation and causation which I really enjoyed learning about, partially because it was something I could easily understand which I thanked for not putting out much mental pressure on me.

See ya,


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