About Me


Hello and welcome to my lovely blog here you are welcome to view my school work, and adventures at your free will!

Some things I like:

  • Art (drawing, digital art)
  • Food
  • Anime
  • Netflix and YouTube
  • Memes
  • Photography
  • Redbull
  • Volleyball
  • Swimming
  • Sports


Meme Break:


What makes me, me:

I have four primary “settings” that make me, me: Student, Regular Person, Nishinoya, and Sugawara

Setting 1: Student

This is the mode teachers and other peers are open to at all times, She tries her best to get along with her other peers and teachers and works her best in when she is in this mode, things that may support this mode to have a better working are snacks, music, fidget tools, a paper and pen, and social groups.

Setting 2: Regular Person

The second setting that comes along with this lovely device is the “Regular Person” this model is mostly accessible to family members and friends and is mostly used on the weekends. The setting has a long battery lasting schedule for late nights that consist of walks, writing, texting other friends, watching Netflix or YouTube, doing homework, skateboarding, dance party’s, sleepovers, or gas stations runs. This setting usually starts glitching out at around 2-4 in the morning  and needs a 3-5 hour reboot and usually gets working again at around 8-10am.

Setting 3: Nishinoya

This setting is usually used in sports and has a high energy rate its also water proof and works for hours, This Mode tho it may be used for hours needs lots of breaks depending on the sport for things like running or hiking this mode can short circuit and stop working after about 30min while with other sports like skiing or swimming this setting can go on for hours and hours with the occasional break in between that usually consists of a snack.

Setting 4: Sugawara

This mode is mother mode, It helps friends and keeps them inline with things like homework and manners. This mode is mostly accessible to her friends who like to be a mess whenever they go out and usually results in a lecture of a shoe getting thrown, now as much as this mode seems harsh just know that even though it’s there to keep friends in line it also helps them with things like homework, relationships, and manners. This mode turns off when she away from her adoptive kids and is with her other friends or family.




Meme Break:

Earlier I said I liked art so here are some of my my drawings:











Peace out,