Time = Money

Yo yo yo, recently we just finished our last project for scimatics! In this project we looked at how to use an app called Desmos, Did some khan academy quizzes, and more! To start off we needed to choose a service or something to sell, this could be something like clothing, jewelry, dog walking, or … [Read more…]

Meiosis Models

Ello, in this assignment we learnt all about meiosis and mitosis aka cell reproduction. In this project we started with our usual mind map and ended with a voice over video explaining what we’ve learnt, lets get into it. To start off we did a mind map, this mind map as per usual contained what … [Read more…]

Chemistry Stories ⚛️

Bonjour, As our last science project of the term we looked at atoms and how they work, bond, and create different elements together. Let me give you the run down… To start off we created a mind map about what we knew and some of the questions we had about this project sort of like … [Read more…]