MPOL 2020

Something I’ve struggled with ever since I’ve joined PLP is drawing the line, when my work is finished. Even though I’m extremely thankful for the opportunity to revise work in PLP, unlike other classes in school, I can have some trouble figuring out if writing another paragraph, or doing another diagram is really worth it, and hopefully by the end of grade 11 I’ll have this figured out for myself. And I’ll be able to enter my senior year at Seycove understanding my work process a bit better, and be able to continue into post secondary with a healthy work ethic, and a familiarity with when enough is enough.

Here I’m going to give some examples of some projects, and my blog posts I’ve written about them to give some evidence to support my learning goal. 


It wasn’t the unit, or the class time that I found dissatisfying during the progression of this product but the pieces of work I created during it. I really like to have a solid grasp of the content, and then create a piece of work that I’m extremely proud of to put on my blog, which I should be striving to do. But for this project I really didn’t have the sense of the project ever ending truthfully. I completed journal responses, writing on different topics covered in Lord of the Flies, and a final live presentation. But I didn’t get the satisfying feeling I usually get after finishing a unit.

I believe this is because I didn’t take the stepping stones of the project as seriously as I should have. As I am more commonly used to working towards a bigger final product, I brushed the smaller assignments aside in my mind as if they weren’t important. 

I was later to learn, that every step of a project is an important building block for the final product. For the next project I have I will pay much more attention to the product layout, as it tells me everything I need to know about the significance of each assignment. Tying back to my learning goal, by keeping the project layout on hand, I will be able to get a better idea of the amount of work that will get me the grade I want. Instead of burning myself out on the first couple stepping stones. 

Most of my trip posts are very thorough, and I tend to think of them as more of a travel journal, then a record of learning. I really love this post, don’t get me wrong. But after a trip blog post is assigned, I think about it as having to be a novel, recording everything that happened. When really it needs to cover the criteria, and have a little spice.

Once again I love this post, I worked very hard on it and it looks great. But I spent much more time on it than necessary. I took 20 minutes to draw headings for each part of the post, and drew a meow wolf logo. Maybe it’s worth it maybe it’s not, I just believe my time could have been used more wisely.

In most of my blog posts I think it’s obvious that I love visuals. And colour. But I’m going to work towards making my posts colourful and visually pleasing without the unnecessary amount of time spent. I really look up to Luca for this, she is able to create beautiful blog posts in half the time that I do.

I am extremely proud of my poetry book that I created during this project. I took leaps throughout the whole making of this book, and that’s one of the main reasons why I love it so much. 

I wrote about things in this book that were difficult to show to my class, and even harder to read in front of an audience. But after getting off stage I felt exhilarated. I had accomplished something that I thought I wouldn’t be able to. Another reason why this project went so well for me is that I was truly passionate about the medium we were using to create our product for the exhibition, poetry. I wrote most of my poems, in one sitting and they travelled from my brain to my fingertips almost faster than I could type. It was an amazing experience. While in the midst of writing one poem, an idea for another would come along. 

This project was much different from the other ones so far this year, it stood out to me because I felt like I was able to shine, and feel truly confident in my work. It’s one that didn’t teach me a lesson to last for a couple months, but one for my life. Like I said in my post “I’ve found a writing medium that works for me that I’m confident in. So much can be expressed with work choice and organization”

Since I found this project to be one of the more successful ones, the improvement part would be how to apply this kind of passion to my future projects, maybe I can’t.

So that is my question to you. Is it possible to have this passionate of a paradigm in every project. Because Based on my mindset, my poem book was successful. Is it possible to make that happen on demand? Am I able to set myself up in a mindset for success?

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