Hi everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve written here in word press but WOW, I have some exciting learning for you. In this last corner we’re learning 20th century history through multiple lenses them writing and collecting our own thoughts in this crazy German note taking system. I feel like the teachers are secretly turning us all into Mr Hughes Clones. If you know me, you know this project is right up my ally for many reasons. The first being I love research and note talking, so an entire project of that medium gets me excited. The second being my passion for current affairs and the world around us, learning about 20th century history is so linked to societal struggles today that it pieces together the whole story for me.

Another super cool part about this project is how loose the criteria is, I’ve been able to make notes on pretty much anything I want. I have become very into making literature notes on films I watch and they almost always link to the topics we learn in class. I got into watching films because of this poster my family has. It’s the “100 movie bucket list” and every time you watch one you scratch off it’s box to reveal a thumbnail sized piece of art. It has transformed my family from people who occasionally watched a movie if I suggested to avid movie enthusiasts. I thought it would be super fun to make notes about the different movies I watch because they often leave me with many thoughts (before I’d just discuss them with my family) but now I can add them to my zettelkasten and link them.
Two movies I’ve done this with is The Truman Show and The Big Short. The Truman Show looks at a question of ethics when it comes to human exploitation which put me on a whole rabbit hole and psychology and what’s considered ethical or not. The Big Short taught me about the 2008 crash because at the time I was 3 and don’t recall much. It’s a super important historic moment and not only does it connect to economics and stocks throughout time but it also gives me knowledge to keep for my future when I have to manage my finances.

Movies are a fun and different way of learning history and I continue to use them during this project and in the future as a secondary source. Zettelkasten gives me the freedom to be creative in what I focus on and for someone like me who is thinking about and discussing society all the time it really makes me passionate about my learning.