Myself, Natalie, Zoe, Ben, and Rhiann have decided to start our own political party, the R&R party. R&R stands for Revise and Reform as we promise to revise our government structure so it is finally just and representative of ALL Canadians.

Our Priorities

Here in the R&R party we believe that the current electoral structure does not allow for an accurate representation of how Canadians feel. We plan to implement proportional representation into our elections at all levels. Voters will have the opportunity to vote for not just a local representative but also the federal leader. We hope this will let Canadians vote for who they truly want in power instead of voting for a party just to strategically stop another party from winning.

However, our revisions for the government don’t stop there. We plan on completely re-inventing the senate. The current Senate of Canada is an outdated structure that adds next to nothing in our government. Instead of giving mostly retired and biased politicians power over bills we suggest implementing something brand new. Our plan is to replace the current Senate with all elected indigenous peoples. By giving this much power to only indigenous representatives we will be able to work on Truth and Reconciliation much faster. This would finally allow the indigenous peoples to have their voices heard at the level they deserve.

Our Mission

R&R believe that once we can implement these changes to the government structure that as a country we will have more accurate representation and can truly start to move forward. Other issues we care heavily about is keeping our environment clean, minimizing the social class inequalities, and getting proper mental health support to all Canadians. As a party we care about being a voice for the people. We want everyone’s individual voice and opinion to be heard, while looking out for every Canadians well being as a whole.

Our Values

Our values include fair democracy, accountability, and responsibility. It is our responsibility to give Canadians a fair and proportional government structure. Unlike the current one that is putting our country on the path to a polarized two party system. We believe there should be accountability for every single person working in the government as it is their and our jobs to do what’s best for Canadians. Without accountability it is easy to give empty promises and once again not make the changes Canadians want.

As you can see the R&R party are here to make fair and just changes to the Canadian government structure. We hope you follow our movement and vote for us so we can do our best to represent you.