I’m Izzy, a grade 10 student in the PLP program at Seycove Secondary. PLP is an amazing program that I am in. Basically we use ideas based off critique and revision and learning from our mistakes, rather than just getting a grade. We also do a lot of projects which means lots of homework. *sarcasic tone* yay.


I play baseball in Mount Seymour Little League. I just finished playing my elevneth year. This year was extra special for me since in the summer time I got the opportunity to play on the BC girls baseball team for the second time and play against other girls baseball teams from different provinces.


For many years I did a theatre class at the North Shore Neighbourhood House. It was very fun, as each year we would come up with a play idea and the instructor would write and direct it. Last year I was in my first ever Deep Cove Pantomime and I got a part in it again this year. I’m having a blast at rehearsals and I love doing it.

I’ve also skied my entire life and around four years ago I learned how to snowboard. I have no preference between the two. A few years back my family bought a place in whistler, I ski/snowboard there throughout winter/spring time and I love it. It’s truly my second home.

I also love to spend time with my friends. We love watching movies and just spending time with each other. Someone once said to me “friends are the family you choose” and that’s something that’s really stuck with me. My values are very centred around having fun, being with the people you love, and treasuring every moment. I am excited to look back at this blog one day and see what I did as a kid and how I felt about everything.