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Learning to Manipulate

Hi readers and welcome back to another end up unit wrap up post. You are probably pretty confused by the title, which is understandable. When I say I learned to “manipulate” what I actually mean is learning the art of… Continue Reading →

The Story of Macbeth the Soviet Spy

Hello readers and welcome back to yet another unit review blog post, one of my last as I graduate in a few months😊. In the most recent Humanities unit we as the class answered the inquiry question, “How might we… Continue Reading →

The Most Musical Poetry Project Ever

  Hi everyone and welcome back to another end of project reflection post. In PLP we just finished a rather short project all about poetry, except instead of doing your typical read a few poems, try to write a few… Continue Reading →

When Human’s Changed The World

Hello reader, I am once again back with an end up unit reflection post, this time on our most recent unit the Manhattan Project². This project covered knowledge of the Manhattan Project set up by the American government during WWII… Continue Reading →

How Reactions to John Hersey’s “Hiroshima” Have Changed Over Time

Recently my Humanities 11/12 class read the book Hiroshima by John Hersey. This was the first insight Americans were given about the effects the atomic bomb had on Japanese citizens. Originally published in the New Yorker in 1946, it tells… Continue Reading →

The Stonewall Riots and the Legacy Left Behind

When I say the word significance what do you think about? To some maybe they’re thinking of a significant other. Others might be thinking of something on a larger scale such as a political conflict. No matter what people picture… Continue Reading →

“Think You Can Do Better?”: Wins and Loses

Hello reader and welcome to another end of project reflection post, but this time with a twist. In PLP 11/12 we just completed our first project of the year, and overall it was somewhat of a flop. However, if there’s… Continue Reading →

Canadian Democracy: For Dummies

Hello again friends, it’s Izzy back again with another blog post. While this post is not a project reflection nor a weekly update post, it still includes lots and lots of learning, so don’t worry. To start off the school… Continue Reading →

Who Really Are The Moonies?

Hi everyone, welcome back to another blog post but this ones a little different…… Instead of reflecting about a random lesson I learned from the week this is much more academic. This past week we started a new mini unit… Continue Reading →

Education Can Become Emotional

Welcome back to my blog where today I’ll be writing about one of the struggles I faced during this past week of learning. This week we started looking at terrorism and different forms of terrorism throughout time. This is a… Continue Reading →

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