Choosing the perfect cell phone plan

To end our math unit with linear graphs, as always we had a project that used the skills we learned. This was a pretty small project so this will be a shorter post!

Our driving question was,

How can we use systems of equations to make better choices?

To answer this question we related it to choosing a phone plan. Our task was to research three different cell phone plans with data and compare them on a graph so you can tell which one to choose. This was a partner project so we used communication in order to get the project done. My partner was Sydney and together we worked really well, by splitting up the project.

The steps in ths project was to start researching the phone plans. Both Sydney and I don’t have any data so we didn’t really need a lot. We decided to use plans with 3GB of data. The carriers we chose were, Rogers, Bell and Fido.

Here are the phone plans:

To create graph we used our creative thinking into transformationign the information into a graph. The reasoning I said we used creative thinking, is because we needed to personalize our graph. However, we needed to find the y intercept so we solved the equations using substitution.

Here is our graph:

Our final step was to put our information into a slide show to present to the class. In our slide show we had to explain which plans we chose and why. Out of the three plans, we chose Plan A which is the blue line. We got some good feedback on our project we just had to revise our math.

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