Have you ever felt isolated?

Now you may be wandering by the title, why I am talking about isolation. Currently we are reading The Crusible by Arthur Miller, a play set in 1953. It is a story of the Salem witch trials that took place in the Massachusetts Bay Colony during 1692/93.

In this post I will talking about something more personal. I’m sure most people have dealt with this at some point in their life. This is isolation. The google definition of being isolated is having minimal contact or little in common with others. This could be to do with anything, but for me it was being a “cripple”, and how I was isolated in my house for days unable to go to school or even see my friends.

I will be talking about a time when I have felt isolated. This has been a very recent event, when I got surgery on my ankle, I won;t go in depth on the surgery, it’s a long story. After my surgery I was isolated in my house for days with limited mobility.

Here is before I got the surgery:

Apart of this task was to create a piece of media to bring this post to life. I decided to draw an  this drawing using Sketches Pro:


An example of when I felt isolated, was when I missed a friends birthday, since I needed to stay home and rest my foot.

Something I found to do was I completes a 1000 piece puzzle in two days (I was pretty proud of myself!). When I was able to get to school, I also felt isolated, I had nothing in common with anyone. Instead of taking the stairs I went in the scary elevator that I got stuck in…. it’s ok I got out! 

This post has let me express my opinions and feelings on this topic. Overall I learned a lot about myself and how I felt isolated. I had fun writing this post because it really let me give my opinion on the topic. I know I ranted about my surgery however, my injury is not the worst. In fact I am on the road to recovery and can walk on my foot soon. I feel lucky that I will be able to walk. There are people in this world whom may never recover and never have movement in their legs, making them feel isolated permanently.

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