Political Ideologies

This is a post where the left and right wing on a political spectrum is explained as well as the values of a variety of ideologies. Pretty much we had a mini boot camp where we practiced taking notes as well as enriching our knowledge on ideologies and the political spectrum. I can vote pretty soon so this lecture was needed for me! Whether you find the political spectrum too confusing and give up it is a significantly important diagram to understand, especially for voters it is important that you understand the values and ideologies of each party and wing. 

For this boot camp we were given a pretty big lecture of all the different ideologies which transferred into the political spectrum. During this lecture, we were required to take some form of notes. Taking notes is a KEY skill to take to university. That being said, it is important that you know what technique for note taking fits you ahead of time, I chose the standard style.

Before this lecture I didn’t know too much about politics, I always got confused which ideologies fall left or right. Before the lecture we took a quick quiz about ideologies on the political spectrum. I’m just going to say that I failed the quiz, that to me was a wake up call that I need to enhance my knowledge in politics in general and get familiar with the different terminologies! Our teachers ensured us we would never forget this new information by taking a quiz each day to test our knowledge. Everyday my mark got higher and higher and interestingly it was an experiment for our teacher to see what format of quiz works the best. We had the same questions each day but in a different form (visual, multiple choice, verbal).

Finally it was time to look where I stand on the political spectrum. It’s not so black and white where you land on the spectrum take a look:

There are two extreme sides, communism which is far left and fascism which is far right. In between these two extremes lie multiple more ideologies such as liberalism, conservatism, etc. One side leans to more a community and social equality perspective whilst the right side is more about having someone in charge, hierarchy and authority. A way our teacher told us to look at it is the owners vs the workers. 

Once we had an idea of how the political spectrum works, we took a test to see where we fall on the spectrum. Basically there were six pages of questions and it took me a while to answer because some of the questions weren’t so simple. Anyways this is my outcome:

I fall more towards the left and Libertarian side which is what I predicted from hearing about the ideologies in the lecture. Libertarian means you value freedom (political, freedom of choice and individual judgement). As I mentioned earlier, the left wing supports social equality and rejects the idea of social class. I agree with both these statements. 

Finally we had the opportunity to extend our knowledge by either creating an info graphic of the political spectrum or creating a short video about one specific ideology. A classmate (Sofia) and I decided to make a short trailer about communism. Pretty much our movie represents the fact that Communism is all about an equal society and there is no separation of classes. In the video we managed to use a cloning technique to show that in communism every one is equal. Enjoy!

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