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Hello again from home! To start off with our new unit, Fight the Power,we had a quick reflection on the habits of mind in the PGP course. This first milestone was thinking about our personal mission statements (I had to revise mine) and starting with the end in mind, sound familiar? 

This was my dream board I made last year to create my end goal.

Your role models have an impact on your mission statements and your end goals, they are the people who inspire you. On that note our task was to create a personal mission statement and an end goal as well as incorporate our role models to show how they might get you to your end goal. To show this visually I created a “meeting” room with all my role models of how they can help construct my end goals. Take a look:

Let’s break it down a little to explain why these people are my role models. My personal mission statement is all about how you choose to deal with a bump in the road. You can either let it bring you down or you can empower others. All of my role models have faced conflicts in the past but have fought for themselves and others to raise awareness. 

Ariana Grande

I didn’t choose Ariana Grande particularly because of her music but for her bravery after the terrorist attack at her concert in Manchester. The terrorist attack affected the whole country as well as the world. It casted fear over the UK especially in Manchester and of course for Ariana. Ariana could have traveled back to the US and moved on but instead stayed to produce a concert to fight terrorism and support the families whom were affected, One Love  Concert. This concert was the most powerful concert I have watched with 55,000 people present. Multiple other artists immediately traveled to be a part of the concert and be by her side. The concert was in honor of the victims and to raise money to help the victims and their families. Ariana stood strong to fight this battle and sang even after the trauma she just went through!


Princess Diana

Princess Diana died in a tragic car accident however, her work towards over 100 charities as well as her royalty duties has been recognized and celebrated. I admire Princess Diana because even though her marriage was falling to pieces, she managed to shift the face of the British monarchy to become more involved and connected to the citizens and people round. I watched Princess Diana and Prince Charles’s interview regarding their marriage. Even from an outside perspective it was obvious that their love life wasn’t as perfect as it seemed and then it was revealed that Charles had an affair. Overall the fact that Diana was motivated to connect with the people by attending charity events during and after the marriage made her monarchy days so much more memorable. 

Malala Yousafzai

I discovered who Malala Yousafzai, a Packastan activist, was and her accomplishments when reading her novel a while ago, I am Malala. Malala was shot by a member of the Taliban after she voiced that girls should have the right to learn which made her a target. She recovered in the UK where she was able to tell her story around the world to make a difference. She now has a fund called the Malala fund where she travels to visit girls that are in a similar position to her. Her goal is to make their stories heard around the world. After reading the novel I felt pretty empowered by her accomplishments and bravery. 

Dara Howell

Dara Howell is a Canadian freestyle skier who was the first to win a gold medal at the Sochi Winter Olympics, 2014 in ski slope style. I really admire Dara for her recovery from an ACL surgery that happened at the big air World Cup in 2018-19 but then achieving a bronze medal in Italy once she recovered. She also inspires me because of her courage to jump the big air however, her resilience is why she is one of my role models. She showed me that injuries should get in the way of your dream. When I had my ankle surgery of course I was pretty mad that I missed out on the ski season but I looked up to Dara because of how positive and calm she was throughout her injury.  It showed that by taking a break makes you come back even stronger!


My Granddad

My Granddad has always been a significant part of my life. I look up to him because of his patience and kindness. He always does what he can do to improve his community, such as always picking up  litter he see no matter how gross it is and reading books to kids at elementary schools. My granddad was one of the people who supported and encouraged me to pursue in my engineering degree. Whenever I visit he shows me the new furniture he built in is shed and demonstrated the steps one by one how he built it! As I said I really appreciate and value his patience and kindness. He has inspired me to take more action in my community.

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