About me

Hi my name is Izzy, and welcome to my blog. You will be following my school journey throughout my high school years in this learning portfolio. I am currently in a program called PLP, and I will be posting about fun experiences and fun trips we go on. I will also be posting reflections and what I learned from various projects.

In our planning class, we were given project called, What do you believe in? Basically we had to choose a quote that represented us, and make a visual that goes with the quote. For me, finding a quote was the hardest part, because it took me a while to find one I liked.

The quote I chose is by Dr. Seuss. When I was younger my parents used to read me all of his books, Cat in the hat, Green eggs and ham, etc. My quote is from the book, Oh the places you’ll go. The quote I chose is about growing up and going where you decide to go. It is very true because you are the one that knows you the best, you have to be the ‘driver’ And steer you self in the right direction. This specific quote is important to me because it’s all about making your own decisions and steering yourself in the right direction, that makes you happy.


However once we found a quote we had to find a picture that represents our quote and using Sketch’s pro, trace over it to give us a outline. Here is my before and after of the picture. I used pic collage to make this.


My visual is a picture of a car going to a ski mountain, using sketches pro, I traced over the picture to make it look like a painting. The reason I chose mountains is because skiing is my favourite sport and the mountain is my favourite place to be.

For the last step, using iMovie we recorded our voices reading the quote and using the ken burns affect we made it into a story. Also using Garage band we produced our own music to go along with the movie.

From this project I learned how to use the Ken burns affect. Before this project I honestly had no idea this feature had a name. I actually had to Google what it was, the Apple website was helpful and I realized I did know how to use it. Another aspect I learned was how to use sketches pro. It is amazing to use and there is so much you can do with it, I highly recommend the app. I used a variety of tools to make my visual, such as the paintbrush, splatter paint, pencil, blender, pen etc.