Hello welcome to the blog In this post I am going to talk about what we are currently learning about in scimatics. In science we were learning about the matter cycles the cycles we focused on were the hydrologic cycle the carbon cycle the phosphorus cycle and the nitrogen cycle.


The project was to pick a cycle for you and your partner and then to research it and research it. The one we picked was the phosphorus cycle which I new nothing about when we started but by the end I was at one with the phosphorus cycle.

If you dont know what the phosphorous cycle is then allow me to explain. The Phosphorus cycle is explained above if you have any questions contact my teacher. Sènor gross.



We created a educational video explaining the phosphorus cycle and what would happened if it died/ceased to exist.


Core competencies:


Applying and innovating:

In this project I had used this curricular competence. Transfer and apply learning to new situations Is the definition for this competency and that is exactly what we did.



My partner and I could improve on the communicating competency because we made the awesome machine that could help save the phosphorus cycle but then we did explain it or how it did help so next time that is what we have to improve on.


Processing and analyzing data and information

I have too improve on this competency because instead of explaining many hypotheses we only explained one and that is where I need to improve.


Questioning and predicting: 

My partner and I did not identify the negative influence with the phosphorus cycle. We need to improve on this because it was pretty much the whole project.