This project was all about learning to clone plants so that’s exactly what we did. Once we knew what to do we went out and got some dandelions because apparently they are the easiest to clone. Once we got them all you had to do was trim so of the root off and plant it I was not here for this part of the process so I am not sure of the whole procedure.

Once we did that we created a short animation on how to make a slide for a microscope which you can watch down below if you making and micro scope slides.

After you finished that you could pick the plant that you were gonna clone that was not a dandelion, so it was research time………………. then we came to a conclusion we were gonna do blackberries. Which was more complicated but no point getting into it because it did not grow, but one of our dandelions did.

So we followed the steps above and we got this.


The full mitosis cycle from a dandelion all the cells which means success.

Core Competency

Questioning and predicting:

Is the core competency that I chose for this project. I chose this because the cloning procedure for our second clone was explained with great detail and that is one of the things I succeeded on in this project.

Planning and conducting:

Is another competency I did well on and this is why. The microscope slides of plant tissues from clones were prepared and used for photographic evidence of mitosis, which means the slides we made using the instruction from the animation we made work out well and we were able to mitosis in out clones.


Applying and innovating:

I could improve on the applying and innovating competency which means I could be more of a group member and contribute more to the final project.



I believe I explained the process of mitosis using images, I did not go over the top on this competency but I definitely met expectations for this one.