Welcome back today we are going to learn about polynomials, for this project we could make any project that would help us learn about polynomials. So my partner Jordyn and I made our project about skiing and how much it would cost for the whole classes ski outfit.

Our driving question was: How much, altogether, does everyone’s ski gear in the class cost?
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We made a chart to see the amount of people we would be getting ski stuff for.

Once we had the number we turned it in to a term, which would look like this. If we need 14 pairs of googles we would say 14g the g standing for goggle.This is the final number of gear we will need to supply so the whole class can go skiing. This is what everyone’s fit will look like⬇️⬇️⬇️


Curricular competency:


Communicating and representing:

The competency above⬆️ Is one I did well on because though I am not very good at math I am decent at presenting, especially when I know what to say. In this project I used complete and correct vocabulary and my presentation was enthusiastic detailed and helped others understand the concept better.


Connecting and reflecting:

The competency above⬆️ is another one I did well on this is which means my work was original and personalized which basically means Mr.gross couldn’t think of anything else to put so he was just like ohhh yah this is unique. Or he put it because I connected math to a personal interest( skiing )


Reasoning and analyzing:

This is one of the ones I could improve on is doing correct mathematical operations involved for combining like terms. This is not surprising that I could improve on this because I haven never been very good at math or doing the operations.


Understanding and solving:

This is similar to the one above but instead of using tools and technology to explore mathematical topics, you are too visualize mathematical concepts. Which I also need to improve on.