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Take your kid to work day

I have been looking foward to this day for awhile now ever since my sister did it. This year I got to visit my pops work, my father works at RBC and he is the manager of a firm in… Continue Reading →

Live event post

The latest project we did in maker was the the live event project. In this project we had to document a sports event of an live event that you visited.   For my live event I chose mountain biking because… Continue Reading →

Matphor Machine

In this unit are job was to build a machine with a series of event that were metaphors for a revolution that we were given. In my groups case we got the Russian revolution. Once we had completed we were… Continue Reading →


How could steampunk influence the Mountain bike community? In this post I am going to answer this driving question. I will cover the similarities and the differences of the mountain bike community and the steampunk community.   The mountain bike… Continue Reading →


I choose these guidelines because I feel this is all a comment section needs:

Alberta post

This year we went to Alberta, it was super fun because there was lots of bus rides and we got to stay in some pretty fancy hotels. My highlight was probably the Marriott hotel or the red lobster because of… Continue Reading →

Identity has a new identity

 How does the land impact our identity? The first unit we are working on is identity. The driving question for this unit how does the land shape our identity? Personally I had never thought about how the land could shape… Continue Reading →

Tpol post 2018

  So today in this TPOL blog post I will taking about a few things, first what I have to work on in order to succeed and become a better student (there’s a lot). Secound, I will show some of my… Continue Reading →

DI provincials

DI provincials sounds like a big deal? Not really even if you come last in regionals you go to provincials. It was a decent experience though, because two of Our Group members canceled out so it was just me and Jordyn lone rangers… Continue Reading →

Launch sports!!!!!

Welcome to another blog post with Jackson, today we are going to talk about a sport we made. Little do you know its harder to make a sport than you think. We used a new process to make this sport,… Continue Reading →

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