The Middle Ages


In this project we learned about the Middle Ages but really we learned about the later half of the Middle Ages and not the time after the collapse and fall of Rome. It was a nice project and I enjoyed it. I’m happy for it to continue along with the merging into another project. Throughout it I learned a lot about using keynote and the crusades.                       A picture I drew of a cruisader

In this project we learned first about politics for example we learned about the feudal system and went especially deep into the roles of knights. Second we learned about Charlemagne and the schools he built which were more or less monasteries. Along with that we also learned about the school system in the Middle Ages and what subjects they studied. What we learned wasn’t the fun part. It was how we learned it. Whenever we learned about a new sub-topic we would make a new slide for it and fill it with fun facts and those kinds of things. I think that it was really nice and better than the things we would normally do when we had textbook work.

While we were doing the textbook work we also read a book called the Book of the Lion. It was a rather good book which was about the crusades and a little bit of life in the Middle Ages. It was based off of real events although the characters were fiction. We read it for three weeks and every week we did Lit* circles in groups of six where every week we would switch and everyone do something different. What we did on the textbook sort of coincided with the book and it helped me learn about the Middle Ages a lot more. I think that I will remember it.

Although the book was easy to read it was harder to put the book and all the other work into a bigger picture and the keynote really helped with that. Unlike most of the other humanities projects we didn’t have to write pages upon pages of things this project had everything nice and organized without as much homework.

The topic and the main parts, the book, the presentation, and the keynote were all sort of similar to what we have already done making the tasks a whole lot easier than something which is new altogether (most of the PLP work). I think this was one of the major gains for me because I am very good at using what I have learned. Learning while doing is way harder than learning with something easy and then doing the hard thing once having learned. I’m also better at doing things in very straightforward situations as this project was where I can focus on one task at a time. There are two kinds of minds, one where everything is connected, and the other which goes from box to box. I’m more of someone who thinks in boxes and won’t think about many other aspects of one thing.

After we did all of that work we did one more thing which was a short presentation on how one thing changed from the Middle Ages to now and how one thing continued to be the same. It was a nice process and a light task which I found good although I don’t think that the topics me and my partner chose are going to help me with anything because what do we learn from Middle Ages transportation.

In my view this project was fun and good. I think that if you were to ask me next September “how did society work in the Middle Ages?” I’d be able to give you a satisfying answer. Thank you, čau 4 now!

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