The ultimate road trip

For this project we had to plan a road trip. Because it was sciematics it was more centred around the budgeting aspect of it and how long or short we could make the road trip with our daily and start up expenses.

The project started out as they all do, with a mind map and in it we put what we knew and what questions we had about the project. The only bad part of the mind map was that because I had already asked all of the questions in class I just made something which was just a bunch of statements.


The rest of the project was more or less learning about the math and the big idea and doing the main assignment which was to plan out a road trip with 10,000 dollars. So when the time came I just drew up where I wanted to go on a map, got the link to a 350 dollar car on Ebay, and calculated. I also did the project so I started out with 10,000 Cayman Islands dollars because they’re the highest worth dollars.

This is where I went, as you had seen I went through Europe, Russia, then the Peoples Republic of China, and ended in the capital of Vietnam. Now onto the part of the project which our teacher actually had to mark which were the expenses and the graph.

What I did for this is that I put all of my extra expenses and start up costs in at the start because I’d pre pay the expensive activities and try not to carry too much money on me for my safety. I then put all of my averages per “zone” and averaged them out which made the line, although I should have made there be multiple points so it was more accurate. The daily costs were food and gas as well as the occasional accommodation.

Now onto the competency.

Throughout this project I learned about averages and how to calculate the daily costs into graphs. Although the math was pretty easy I think that the hardest part was learning how to use the app which displayed the graph and writing my costs out into a readable equation.

I enjoyed this project and look forward to more like it.

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