New France

This project continued directly after the Argh Matey, or the project in which we learned about (for Hum.) explorers in the new world and their the only difference is that my project from the last project was in N. Mexico whereas this time our projects had to be based in New France. In it we had to research and write a story based around an object which was real and most likely found by archeologists.

The main task of the project was to write a short story about the object. My book was about a Rifle but mostly centred around the person who possessed it, because I’m really a lot better at writing about people than I am about objects and fiction is just a lot easier to write. The story itself is about a boy but I don’t want to spoil it so, enjoy.

It was set in New France, the main character is Martin, and the object I chose to write about was the Charleville Musket although you’d know that had you read the book.
The Competencies and Driving Question
The artifacts are great ways to find where, when, and what the people in New France were using and doing. By studying the artifacts we can also learn about trade and what the people valued. We can also find what the quality of life was by finding what kinds of items they had.
I managed to share my main idea while writing an intriguing story which might even be acclaimed as a three star novel by a reader.
I use various sources and check if they all tell the same or a similar story. That way I can be sure that what I am writing is historically correct and adequate to support a historical conclusion.
In the end this project was a fun project where we had to write a story, set in New France, and had an object which it was partly centred around. I found it especially compelling because we could create somewhat fictional worlds and have things happen which most likely wouldn’t have happened in real life. I could also write something which seemed right and played to my ideas and emotions instead of some old history which was more probable and reasonable. I enjoyed this project and look forward to the next one, goodbye.

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