Running a remake

This project started right when we first went into the PLP classroom. We sat down with our assigned groups and started to work. It started like any other project, asking questions, and getting those questions answered along with our great teacher telling us all about it. Since the school now operated under a different system the teachers needed to us to do the tasks quicker than ever before and we had done our first milestone before the day was over.

The first milestone was for the teachers to see our video making skills. I liked mine although because I had a few hours of climbing after school I had to cut it short and the ending wasn’t as good as it could’ve been had I taken a bit more time for it. I think the teacher will enjoy watching it when she has time to do so.

On the second day we started filming. The filming was a blast although I wasn’t much of a good main actor because I kept laughing at the jokes and funny things my group said and did, I must say Annie and Jordan were great directors and Annie was pretty good at filming as well. After lunch Jordan edited the video and I put in the sound effects that Annie and Nate had created.

On Friday we filmed again as our first film had a few shortcomings and problems, mainly bad camera angles and my bad acting. This time the movie was a lot better. We split the editing equally and Annie volunteered to do the sounds. This film was a lot better and the only thing better about the first draft were the footsteps with which I matched every audio step to the video.

I learned a lot from the project and know a lot more about the process of making a video. I have also learned that iMovie is a horrible place to make videos because of the way it works. I also think that i have learned about how to film simple shots so that they look like high grade film and not wobbly footage which you can tell was shot on an ipad.

I hope that I or my group will create a far better video in the next project.

Anyways here’s our video

Check out my other group members too!

In no particular order: Jordan, Nate, Randy, and Annie!

Anyways here are some bloopers!

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