Destination Imagination

So, you wanna know about Destination Imagination, huh? Well it’s quite a story that one. We started a long time ago in a galaxy far far away… No, but seriously we started a while ago, and it looked quite exciting. Our groups objective was to make a vehicle with two propulsion systems, and to tell a story. Then we started, it went rather fast and we managed to get lucky when it comes to ┬áthe resources we got. We put in the motor from ┬áthe lawn mower we got for 20 dollars, and the second propulsion system which was a drill, then the battery and everything else, and we were ready! (Virtually)

Then we headed off to regionals, nervous but excited. The day was fun, but a lot of the time we had to stand around and wait for the next thing to happen. But finally, we were ready to present! I didn’t think we were going to do very well, but it turned out we did.

Overall, the whole DI thing wasn’t really for me, but I did have some good moments from it. Here are some pictures and a video from the event, if you are interested:





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