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Job Shadow

Figuring out a career option is extremely important, as knowing what you want to do in life can influence what you study in high school, where you go in college, and how you build a plan for your future. I… Continue Reading →


We are molded by our experiences, no one would experience change or growth without them and experience happens the best through travel. By traveling, everything you see, hear, feel and understand is not like where you live and it is… Continue Reading →

TPOLS 2019

  Grade ten has been one of my best and worst years in terms of the work I have done. Looking back on it, it’s hard to imagine that Seattle was the same year as BC and I consider both of… Continue Reading →

Creating Energy

Now more than ever renewable energy is one of the most important topics to learn about and discuss. Our planet is being destroyed by carbon emissions caused by our production and consumption of energy. For years people have looked to… Continue Reading →

PGP Final Post

One of the classes that I’ve had the most interesting time with this year is PGP. Working on the personal growth plan has required me to spend a lot of time outside of school focusing on self improvement.  While we… Continue Reading →

Workplace safety

One thing that we missed, that is a pretty important part of the grade 9 curriculum is workplace safety. To make up for not covering the topic in grade nine we are spending a bit of our time in Maker… Continue Reading →

Blanket Exercise

One thing that I think is really important and isn’t talked about enough in school is the importance of the history of First Nations in Canada. The amount of knowledge that I had before Friday didn’t do justice to the… Continue Reading →

Peoples Podcast Post

For one of our longest Social’s projects ever in PLP Ten, we just finished our People’s Podcasts. These were podcasts that centred around minority groups in Canada and what their version of the “Canadian Experience” is.  We started with a… Continue Reading →

Planning Ahead

I’ve never really had a plan for where I’m going in life. I don’t know what college I want to go to or what job I really want to do, I don’t even really have a plan in place for… Continue Reading →

Math Project April 2019

Our new math project “Cell Phone Systems” we continued to work with linear equations by calculating which cell phone plans are the cheapest for data roaming. I was in a group with Lucas and we quickly picked out our three… Continue Reading →

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