In our humanity’s class we just finished our body biography which is part of our project on Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar. My group was assigned Marcus Junius Brutus The Younger who was a key player in the assassination of Julius Caesar. The assignment was to take the outline of a body and add to it to show who that person was, what they did and how they felt etc. The end result of ours was pretty good and it had many features which I will go over in detail but first a little background information on Brutus.

When Julius Caesar attacked Pompei The Great, Brutus sided with Pompei. At Pompei’s defeat Caeser spared Brutus and as a result Brutus remained loyal, that was until he was recruited to kill Caeser.

The first thing I would like to talk about is the dagger and the sword. The dagger is the weapon that he used to kill Caeser with and he then later killed himself by running into a sword.

We also have around his heart his family and a shield protecting the people of Rome. This is because he greatly cared for his family and everything he did was for the people of Rome, including assassinating Caeser.

Then we have pieces of military equipment scattered over his body to represent the time that he spent in the Roman Military. He has the SPQR logo on his leg which stands for Senātus Populus que Rōmānus – the roman government.

The final thing that I will talk about is the thought bubble showing him killing Caesar. We included this because he thought about the act every day after it happend and this drove him to kill himself.

If I were to go back and change what I did while working on this project I would put some more drawings on the body as I feel like we did not have enough. This would make it more interesting to look at and it would bring up more topics to talk about. I also feal like we could have gotten some feedback while working on it to improve it before we finished.

So far we have learned so many things like Roman politics, how far their empire reached and many other things. I am excited to see what else this course will teach me.