This was one of the toughest five weeks I ever had with PLP. Our project, one women’s rights throughout history and The Taming of the Shrew has been extremely draining for me.

There has been a lot of writing throughout the project especially recently as we concluded with an essay about all the research we had done up to now. You can go check out some of the other blog posts to see the specific weeks and the learning I have done to reach this point. You’ll see in those that I mention all of the common lit reading and other writing practices that I worked on to improve my vocabulary as well as the historical research that I did for this project.

The essay itself has definitely been a large challenge with the amount of revisions I went through. I set myself a high standard and wanted to realize my potential with this topic and so set about putting in the work and revision to achieve. Most of the improvement happened within the last week where I was actually writing the essay. I didn’t understand the amount of improvement needed to reach my goal until after I was done and it was a real struggle!

As for the actual essay itself I focused on the topic of marriage in the history of women’s rights with relation to examples from The Taming of the Shrew. I used a lot of the readings we studied in class as well as my own sources from various journals I found using EBSCO. In specific I talked about the relation between marriage and the wage gap, women’s role in marriage and how society views marriage.

I definitely learned a lot during this project as the broader historical aspects have pretty much sat in my mind for the last week even after we finished. I liked how the history was relevant to modern discussion and enjoyed the class discussions that were throughout the 5 weeks around the subjects.

I think my work on this project showed a very clear understanding of the core competencies that we are learning in this class like comprehending the texts I used for reference and identifying the continuity and change in the history studied.

If you want to read the essay yourself It’s right here.