About Me

Hi my name is Jocelyn . Something you should now about me is I have two brothers and me and my family are very close . I can be pretty persistent when it comes to animals and my future. When is comes to my future I know what I want is that sense I will be starting my own business in Clearwater and its going to bebasted on horse training and summer camps not only will I be horse training I will make the hoses comfortable around humans and other animals. I’m going to have chicken for fresh egg and pigs to eat all the leftovers and more but for all I know my plan could be different .Some things I like are talking to my friends and family horseback riding and a big cup of coffee I also love to snowboard  . Warnings

This device may….

. Be prone to laughter

. Talk to much about animals 

.prone to way dose not like the point you made will show it 

In not the nicest way

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