Emoji story

Emoji story

🐫 🚊🍝 🐩😡🚦


Once upon a time there …🐫

There was a camel he lived in a crowned shaped house 

with blue and red gems with a gold frames. The camel work to the chef his favourite dish to make with the spaghetti for his favourite customer the poodle.

 Every day….🐩


The poodle would go to the restaurant and order the spaghetti she had to take one train to get there took her about 15 minutes but she love the pasta so much that she kept going and going but one day the camel was not there to make her her favourite pasta the new guy was he was quite grumpy some would even say mad. 

One day….🚊

The camel saw the dog waiting at the train station she looked very sad because he wasn’t there to make her her favourite pasta the camel said I’m sorry I’m not there to make your favourite pasta and she goes why are you waiting at the train station I know you have a car . He tells her all about how his car is stopped at a red light because there’s a traffic jam it’s been going on for years with a little exaggeration she goes oh I’m sorry and then she started telling him all about the new guy how he was so mean and angry.

Because of that…😡

The two want to talk to the mean cranky guy and asked him if he was feeling OK he said I feel OK now get out of my kitchen they were confused on why he was so mean all the time so one day they came and went back and was like can I show you how to make the pasta that poodle really enjoys the pasta and he goes NO The camel confused again walks out they were both heavily confused on why they could not help him.

Because of that….🚦

The camel and poodle met up at the camels crown house and they discussed how they could possibly help this cranky mean dude so they talked about it and they realized that they were becoming friends because of this guy so they didn’t wanna make him mad anymore so they talked about the best way to possibly tell him to be nicer It wasn’t about the pasta anymore it was more about helping this guy feel happy again they always said he’s not happy yet and I stood by that and they appreciate him for making then become friends realizing that they both love helping people and their posters.

Until finally….🍝

The camera and pool were very happy to become friends but they also were very sad because they knew that this guy was hurting inside so one day they saw them at the train station they ran over as fast as I can and they asked him are you OK you always seem so mad and sad he goes leave me alone they go sorry he then he goes no I’m sorry I shouldn’t of yelled at you guys but everyone’s complaining that my Pasta isn’t good like the last person who made it the camel goes I was the last person to make it if you would like some tips and tricks you should’ve just asked  and the cranky Guy was like I know I should’ve asked but I was kind of embarrassed because I was supposed to be The chef I was supposed to show people how good I could cook but then everyone kept asking for the old chef back so I was sad that no one likes my cooking and I took it out on The poodle because I know she really loves it.

The End..

They all realized that they could be great friends so the camel talk to the cranky guy and asked him would you like those tips and tricks he goes I would love those so he took him back to his crown shaped house made him pasta showed him the tricks and tips and let him try it so he put the pasta in the boiling water added salt made a sauce and gave it to the poodle the poodle screamed THIS IS SO GOOD and the very next day he went back to work showed everybody what he learned and he became the best pasta chef ever live.

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