Virtual worldview museum


everyone and welcome back to my blog on Friday February 19  we launched a virtual museum about our worldview . I have a job as an art designer so I had to pick a frame that could show the time and effort that my group put in to picking a perfect piece of art to show their values but I wasn’t the only one in my group that had an important job like my DRI , techie,  writer , room designer and  flex people go check their blogs out  DIR David ,techie Fraser , writer Gabi , room designer Gwen and the flex people who had one of the hardest jobs my my opinion because they never just had one job to do. Flex people Max R , Kwosen and Hannah  .

My how it started how it’s going finished art work

Evidence of Your Learning

My art meme I had to Redo my art meme Multiple times because it wasn’t enough or there wasn’t something that showed my values my evidence of learning is is all the times that I have tried and I failed to Get the finished product that I have in that frame .One of the reason I had to keep doing it because I was having problems with my technology or that I didn’t add enough stuff so it didn’t look any different has you see down here ⬇️



My Answer to the Driving Question

The driving question was What can we learn from the past, and why does that matter to us today With that in mind our entire mile stone three was based on this Driving question now I think I learned a little bit more about it that I can answer mile stone three way better because it safe to say yeah I Failed that but at least I know now that I can do it way better because I’ve took in the time to learn a little bit more about it. My answer to the driving question is every single moment of the pass is important but the ones that really stood out to me at least Is Martin Luther standing up for himself and the Medici family I mention a lot in my house and three because they really did help with my old view because Medici family is a powerful family and that’s how I see my family make sure we don’t have as much money as they did but we are pretty powerful family when we put our minds together and Martin Luther because he saw something different and went for it and I really value the bravery that he had to do that.

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