Post Secondary Finances

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This is another post from my new course Carrier Life Education today about “post-secondary finances.” The questions that needs to be answered are:

“What is your plan for funding post-secondary school? Have you spoken to your parents about financial assistance for post-secondary? What sources of funding can you (describe all possibilities), and will you tap into to help pay for post-secondary? How will you go about applying for these?”

I have spoken to my parents about my post-secondary funding and I am very blessed as they are willing to help me with my tuition cost. I will still need to gather funds for rent and my every necessities and entertainment so here is here are some ways I go do that.

Job / Part-time Job:

A job is obviously the main way students earn money for themselves as it is reliable and is not hard to get. I don’t think this method of funding needs further explanation.


Now although my parents are willing to help me with my tuition, a scholarship would be much more beneficial to my family. Scholarships are earned through academic excellence and can pay for a part of the full cost of the recipients tuition. This may seem like the best way of achieving funding but is very competitive and many students will be trying to earn these scholarships.

Student loans:

Student loans as the name suggests is a loan given to students to pay of their tuition. Many students will take these loans and pay them off with their jobs but as every loan works, there will be interest.


Grants are special funds are given out by institutions or individuals. These need to be applied for and unlike loans, are not required to be paid back.

Now I have gone over the main ways of earning a fund for post-secondary tuition, let’s talk about how I plan on paying the costs for my university or college life. I will apply for scholarships but ad it is highly competitive there is no guarantee if I can earn one. If I do, then that will be a burden off my back immediately; however, if not, then my parents will probably pay my tuition for me. I will still need to cover the costs of my rent and other expenditures so I plan on getting an internship. This will allow me to gain experience and connections for my future job and will help me pay off these costs.

In the end, things won’t go necessarily as planned but here is my how I want to achieve it. Anyways, thats my post so see you next time.

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