Crazy Ones of WW2 – Being A Sophisticated Learner!

Hi Mrs Willemse!!!!!!!!!!

It is I, Jordan, posting a post to show my extended learning! We have recently finished an analysis on a “text” and honestly, this was the most saddest in class text I have seen. The text we watched was the movie “Schindler’s list” and this is part of our new final exhibition project, Cray Cray Yay Yay.

This project is all about people who have changed the world for the better and is based of an old apple ad. We watched “Schindler’s List” to both learn history and to analyse an example of crazy ones in the past.

Here are my notes on the movie:


Beside my general following of the plot and crazy one’s in the movie, I have also conducted research in my personal time. Here are some interesting sources regarding Amone goth and other jewish rescuers who I believe can also be regarded as “crazy ones”.

The final source tells the story of Amon’s grandaughter and is a very insightful read as it talks about the weight of your pass and the legacy of your family tree.

Thanks for reading Mrs Willemse!!!!


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