Victory & Renewal: The 7 Habits

Hello and welcome to the world of the 7 habits! Throughout the past few months so, besides the standard maker projects, PLP 10 has had a special side activity. This side shoot maker project was all about developing ourselves into having more success, learning how to learn and just being better people in general. We […]

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Loon Lake: A Learning Odyssey

Hello and welcome to an actually full blog post! As always, I am back after another learning experience but this most recent one happens to be particularly special; it was my first over night field study! From the development of our traits and skills to making new friends, let me tell you all about PLP […]

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WWII: A Melody of War

Good Morning! Welcome to my first blog post of semester two! Throughout the past few weeks, we have begun a new project following last year’s WWI project, and as you can probably guess from that, it was all about WWII. From the warfare to the people, we learnt all about the actions of different nations […]

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The Grade 10 mPOL of Yours Truly

Good evening father, mother, teachers and whomever happens to read this: In this post, I shall formally convince you that throughout this former half of the tenth grade of mandatory Canadian schooling, my knowledge academically, mentally, economically and spiritually has astoundingly elevated to a level I wholeheartedly believe grants me the title: a “distinguished learner.” […]

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The Anchor of Our Nation

Hello Mrs. Willemse reader! Welcome back to the second and final part of this ology of apology blog post duo as we have reached the end of the project. It has been quite a while since my last post (which you can find by clicking here) and a lot of things have happened since then […]

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The Legend of the Komagata Maru

Hey you…. yeah you! Have you heard the tale of the legendary ship: the Komagata Maru? … What?!? You barely know anything about it? Rumour has it that more than 100 years ago, a Japanese ship full of Sikh pioneers came to Vancouver to challenge laws set by the most powerful empire of the time. […]

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Think You Can Get Real?

How should we govern ourselves? A question that humans have asked ourselves since the beginning; yet throughout all the ages, there has never been a clear, unchanging answer. Throughout the most recent project, we learnt all about government and even put ourselves through the shoes of politicians all to figure out how should we govern […]

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