The End😢

This introduction marks the end of an era. This is the last time I will type welcome back to My Dog Ate My Blog. You know why? Because this is my last blog post. This marks the day that my… Continue Reading →

A Children’s Book by Jordyn Eyton🖍

Have you ever had to change someone’s mind? A parent, a friend, a teacher, a sibling? Whether this be something really significant or not, I’m sure at some point in your life you have to convince someone of something or… Continue Reading →

I Hate Reading: A Resource For Parents📚

Hello to anyone who is reading this blog post! Whether you came directly from My Dog Ate My Blog or if you followed the link from my book, welcome! This is not like my usual blog posts that review and… Continue Reading →

Was Macbeth Even Alive in the 50’s?👑

Hi everyone and welcome back to My Dog Ate My Blog! I hope everyone had a fabulous, rejuvenating spring break (if you didn’t have a spring break, I hope you are having a great start to spring) because I sure… Continue Reading →

How I Will Reach The Peak Of My Learning🏔

mPOL vs Jordyn Round 3. Somehow we are back here three years later. I don’t really know how I managed to get myself into this again but here we are, here I am presenting to you my Mid-Year Presentation of… Continue Reading →

A Particularly Poetic Playlist🎧

Listen to this playlist for some nice ambience while you read! Every person in my class chose one song to be on it. We have just finished the best. Project. Ever. Seriously. After all of my years in PLP, after… Continue Reading →

The Neutron is in Your Hands⚛️

What is art? Art could be a painting, a drawing, a sculpture, maybe even a piece of literature or poetry, music, or dance. All of these things take special skill, they take talent but what if I told you that… Continue Reading →

A Literary Criticism🧐

Hiroshima by John Hersey is many things. It is an early piece of New Journalism, it is the first accurate account of what happened in Hiroshima on the day the bomb was detonated, it is a piece of non-fiction writing… Continue Reading →

Insulin: Historically Significant or Not?⚖️

Today I, Jordyn Eyton, will become a scientist here on My Dog Ate My Blog who will be describing to you exactly what insulin is and what it does for people with diabetes. No, I’m just kidding! I definitely won’t… Continue Reading →

How Jordyn Thinks We Should Govern Ourselves👸

How should we govern ourselves? If you had asked me this question two months ago, before the election reflection and before the press release posts I worked on for this unit, I honestly would have had no idea how to… Continue Reading →

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