May 2018

That Ferdinand??🐮

Welcome back, again, to My Dog Ate my Blog, where a 13 year old girl tells super interesting stories about the units she does in school!! Yaaaayyyyyy!! Ok guys, I was just joking, some of my other posts might be… Continue Reading →


Give me an L (L!), Give me an A (A!), Give me a U (U!), Give me an N (N!), Give me a C (C!), Give me an H (H!). What does that spell….. LAUNCH!!!!! This is Space commander Jordyn,… Continue Reading →

La La La La Light!

Ooooooooommmmmm, oooooooommmmmmmm. Oh hello there, I was just meditating a bit before we get into the latest, the greatest, science post about…. wait for it….. LIGHT!! Oh yes, light! Light is so amazing and I can’t wait to tell you… Continue Reading →

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