June 2018

A Blue Sky Journey: RipKit Edition☀️

Hello everyone who reads my blog, probably not many of you, but that’s all good! This is a very sad time since *sniffle* this is my last post of the year. I know, you guys must be pretty sad to… Continue Reading →

Colonizing in a Tempest!! (aka a storm)🌩

Kshfdlascnvksgelgjmvfngldljgeb!! That was a fast forward through all of the silly jibber jabber I always include in the beginning, I was to lazy, it’s early in the morning guys!! Anyway, we just finished our last unit of the year, the… Continue Reading →


Yes, it’s that time of year again, it’s POL time. EPISODE 2: THE DREADED TPOL!! Now, if you don’t remember my last post on a POL, its called “mPOL” standing for mid-year presentation of learning. But now that it’s the… Continue Reading →

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