October 2018

Use Your Own Photos!📸

1. Where can you get images for your blog? 2. How do you use Creative Commons? 3. What are the benefits of legally using images from the internet? Ok, since you guys have been studying for this test for a… Continue Reading →

How Can I Steampunk My Life?⚙️

  Hey there! Welcome back to another absolutely amazing post here at My Dog Ate My. We have been working on a unit all about revolutions and metaphors and circuits, none of those really go together at all you would… Continue Reading →


Yo! What’s up? How are you doing, how’s everybody’s day going? Good? Good. So, quick update. Well actually when I say that it makes it sound like it’s not that important, so I’ll just say we have an important update…. Continue Reading →

We Went To Alberat!!🏔

P.S. I meant to spell Alberta like that! ONCE UPON A TIME….. Long, long ago, actually not that long ago, probably about a month. There was a class of 17 grade 9s and their three teachers on a bus for… Continue Reading →

The Mountains Make Us🙌

Hey guys!! It’s been a while…. again. Since my last post about Identity, The Mountains and Me, my view on the topic has changed quite a bit. I was talking all about how Identity is how people see you, how… Continue Reading →

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