There is a reason why my featured image is me with a horse, it will make sense in a few minutes!!

Yo guys, what’s up. Welcome back to week…….. what week are we on for the student blogging challenge? Week six? Yeah, that sounds about right. So…. this weeks challenge, week 6, is to create a blog post about the one the only science!!

Science is literally everywhere making it extremely important. Since it is so important, it is split into three groups of different types of science. #1 are the physical sciences. This includes studies like chemistry, astronomy, and physics.

Chemistry Experiment

#2 are the Earth sciences. Examples of the earth sciences  meteorology, geology, and palaeontology.

Petrified Log

And last but not least, #3 which are the Life sciences, my favourite! Botany, zoology, and medicine are only a few of many.

Calgary Zoo



Today I will be writing about Zoology, because I know close to nothing about it. The only thing I actually know about it is that it has something to do with animals, and as you would know if you have read My About Me Page, I LOVE ANIMALS!!! So let’s take a quick commercial break while I do some research and then I will be right back.

Mind Map 4-2npqr0w

So, that mind map right there is the result of my research. You will need to click on the link and then zoom in ont he different parts. Before I start talking about my mind map, if you don’t know what one is here is a quick TED talks video about it, it’s really awesome, I watched it last year. You will probably want to make mind maps for everything after the video 😂

Ok. Back to MY mind map. I made it in an app called MindNode. It is very simple to use and really helps with organizing your ideas. To organize mine, I asked different questions to make different sections and then with research I answered them with a bunch of mini branches. It’s pretty straight forward, not gonna lie but if you have any questions let me know! Oh, and here is a quick time lapse of a small piece of my research and me making my mind map for a little bit as well.


So that video wasn’t necessarily about zoology, but it was a component of it. If you look back at my mind map I actually mention behaviour a few times, meaning that it is a very important part of zoology. This video was made by a YouTube channel called Crash Course which is an absolutely AWESOME channel where you can pretty much learn about anything you want. This video was in the biology playlist because as I said zoology is just a branch off of biology.

In that video it starts off by giving  a simple explanation and example of an internal and external  stimulus. It is something every living thing has. I am also going to set up a mini test for each section I talk about and the question for this section is “What is an example of a cat’s internal and external stimulus when it comes to food or treats?” All of the question can be found in the video and answered in the comments!

It goes on to explain 2 things that can either benefit or not to this animal’s well being.  What are those two things, what are the words? I’ll give you a hint, they both and in “ology.”

Most behaviours are genetic or heritable, I mean some are learned, but like us, animals get genes from their parents too. Which leads us to the study of animal behaviour, ethology. One of the very first ethologists made 4 important questions, what are they?

After a few more minutes he talks about imprinting which some of you may know about but I’ll ask the question any way, what is imprinting?

The two most important behaviours any animal has are eating or foraging and reproducing. He Gives some examples, so my question or task I guess is, give me two examples that he mentions.

The next section mentions a word, Altruism, what does that mean?

And that’s the end of the video! I know it’s a lot of information all at once, and some of it is real weird, but I thought it was just a really cool video and Crash Course always explain things really well. You definitely don’t have to answer ALL to the questions but go ahead and answer the ones your want.


Some of you may have played this game before, but I am assuming not zoologist style. How this is going to work is I will put a google from down below with two truths and a lie from one website, so all you have to do is look through it and find them! Click here for the link if you’d want to check your answers!

Science is very important and is a huge part of many professions, so, I think it is very cool that everyone in the challenge has to write about it. I hope y’all liked my post about zoology and…. BYE!