June 2019

Blue Sky: MyJob Edition🎓

This post is bitter sweet. This is my last post of the whole entire school year. I know pretty crazy right. Hey guys, welcome back to My Dog Ate My Blog and I am here to tell you about my… Continue Reading →

Jordyn’s Growth Garden🌷

Transitional. Presentation. Of. Learning. It’s that time of year when everything is starting to come to a close, except for us PLP students. Creating Blue Sky projects, finishing off other small tasks and then…… there is tPOLs. Welcome, my fellow… Continue Reading →

Dogs In War???!! What?🐶

  **QUICK NOTE: ALL OF THE DOCUMENTS THAT ARE IN THIS POST, YOU CAN CLICK ON AND SEE THEM FULL SIZE** Oh my goodness!! This is a milestone of the year! This. Is. My. Last. Humanities. Blog. Post. Of. The…. Continue Reading →


We literally use so many acronyms in PLP it’s kinda bad! Well, here is another one to add to the collection “PGP”! PGP stands for Personal Growth Plan and it is a class that all PLP students in all grades… Continue Reading →

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