Grade 9

All posts I have written in Grade 9

Blue Sky: MyJob Edition🎓

This post is bitter sweet. This is my last post of the whole entire school year. I know pretty crazy right. Hey guys, welcome back to My Dog Ate My Blog and I am here to tell you about my… Continue Reading →

Jordyn’s Growth Garden🌷

Transitional. Presentation. Of. Learning. It’s that time of year when everything is starting to come to a close, except for us PLP students. Creating Blue Sky projects, finishing off other small tasks and then…… there is tPOLs. Welcome, my fellow… Continue Reading →

Dogs In War???!! What?🐶

  **QUICK NOTE: ALL OF THE DOCUMENTS THAT ARE IN THIS POST, YOU CAN CLICK ON AND SEE THEM FULL SIZE** Oh my goodness!! This is a milestone of the year! This. Is. My. Last. Humanities. Blog. Post. Of. The…. Continue Reading →


We literally use so many acronyms in PLP it’s kinda bad! Well, here is another one to add to the collection “PGP”! PGP stands for Personal Growth Plan and it is a class that all PLP students in all grades… Continue Reading →

BREAKING NEWS: Bamboo Clones Have Taken Over The World🎋

Imagine if clones took over the planet!! Imagine if clones were even real at all?! That would be pretty crazy!  Well I’m here to tell you today, that clones are real, they most likely won’t take over the world, at… Continue Reading →

Oral Storytelling in 60 Seconds!🇨🇦

Welcome back to My Dog Ate My Blog, it’s me Jordyn here to tell you about the past unit we have been working on in Humanities class. Da da da!! First things first, do you all know what a heritage… Continue Reading →

Work Place Safety🚧

Did you know that one young worker in BC is injured every hour? Or that one out of every twenty one young workers are injured? Well, neither did I until the last few weeks. Lately, after DI season has ended,… Continue Reading →

So What’s the Matter With the Matter Cycles? 💧

So basically, we are destroying all the matter cycles. Whoops, skipped too far ahead of myself, let me explain what we are actually discussing here today on My Dog Ate My Blog! Recently in Scimatics class, we have been learning… Continue Reading →

Bye Sea Hippos!

It’s a race, its a chase! Hurry up and feed there face! Who will win, no one knows? Feed those Hungry Hippos!! That song may sound familiar. Maybe you heard it on an advertisement for this world renowned game, Hungry… Continue Reading →


For the past couple months in our Maker classroom at school, coming from my group’s general direction you would have seen and heard a giant egg being drilled together, covered in cardboard, and painted. You would have heard us rehearsing… Continue Reading →

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