SBC Week 6

This week we were asked to make an emoji quiz, some art, a puzzle or a emoji prompt. I am starting this post with the emoji word quiz.

Here are the rules, look at the emojis and answer them in the comments. These are based on films







how many did you manage to get. This is the second task it is a puzzle, arrange these emojis to make a shape and then put that shape in the comments.


This is the last task of the blogging challenge. I made some emoji art, it represents the wildlife that surrounds us. It is very simple yet powerful, I use a simple pen and emojis on this app called book creator and this is how it turned out.




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    Your blog is well designed and is an order.Good work. Secondly the emoji quiz drawing the attention of the blog visitors.Good
    STUBC Commentator
    Assistant Professor
    R.V.Institute of Management

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