SBC Week 7

This week we were asked to talk about our favourite holiday. Mine is Christmas because I am Christian and we celebrate that day as the birthday of Jesus Christ. As soon as December 1st comes my family and I start to decorate the house and put up the Christmas tree. Christmas is also my favourite holiday because first we get presents and then we all get together and have a big family celebration. My mum and her parents and brother and sister are the only family she has in Canada. The rest of my mums family live in England and South Africa. Our gatherings are quite small, I have 7 cousins including myself. We usually have dinner and a gift exchange at my uncle’s house. We also go to church on Christmas Eve for a wonderful Christmas Carol service. It is also one of the most beautiful times of the year with bright lights, the colourful decorations and the decorated pine Christmas trees in the window of almost every house. I believe in Christianity but some people don’t, like most of my friends but they still love Christmas, I learned this a few years ago that lots of people who don’t have a religion become influenced by other religion’s like people who are not Christian’s still celebrate Christmas. When I was younger I only loved Christmas because of the presents but now that I’m older I see it in a whole new light. I see now that we thank God for the food we have in front of us and for all that we have in our lives.  My family goes to my Aunt and Uncles house to have dinner, exchange presents and play board game’s. We have a big roast turkey with roast potatoes and gravy and lots of different vegetables. We also love stuffing with gravy.
We love to play a board game called Articulate! I have lots of memories of playing Articulate with the family after Christmas dinner and it always turns very silly by the end. This game is not available in Canada, you can only buy it in England. Some of the questions are hard because it’s not the Canadian version.
The one memory that I can never forget is, when I woke up and went out to the tree. My mom was waiting with a cup of tea in her hand and she had one for me. I walked over to the tree and grabbed the biggest present I could see. Then I walked over to my mom and sat down and opened it it was a brand new PS4. I opened the box and took out the system I went to the tv and looked for the HDMI port to plug the console in.

Now I am going to talk about this photo that I chose. It represent’s my love of Christmas



It is a Christmas tree it has presents under it, it is the main sign of Christmas. This tree is one of my favourite part of Christmas, the present’s under the beautiful Christmas tree covered with lights and decorations. The tree has a star on top that represent the North Star which is the star that the shepherds followed to find baby Jesus.

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  1. Hi,

    I’m Mrs Barrett a teacher from Scotland.
    I really enjoyed your blog. I too am a Christian and think it’s rather easy to forget the meaning behind Christmas. I’m glad you can see it.
    I am just about to start tidying my house so that we can put up our Christmas tree. We have a plastic one though that we use every year. I’ve never had a real one since moving out of home.

    I also like the game articulate, it is however very difficult! My memory of Christmas always involves board games too. We should play the, more often!

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