The End Of The SBC

The End Of The SBC

This post is about reflecting on what we have done over the past weeks. We had to make music, research about copyright, use emoji’s to create brain teasers and make creative art pictures.This week I will be summarizing what we have done, The 1st week we wrote about ME, the second week was images, the third week was about           , the fourth week was about free choice, the 5th week was music, the 6th week was emojis and the 7th week was Christmas and so on……………

These pics are a slideshow show of our blogging challenge:

The passed week we have done some amazing things in the PLP program. I have learned how to blog and I was also lucky to be included in a workshop to learn about blogging. It gave me a lot of good ideas to use while working on my challenges. I am sorry to see this project come to an end because I really enjoyed it. Looking back I am proud of everything I have done, and I am thankful that I can have a chance to revise if necessary. As I look back , these challenges may have been easy but each one taught me a thing or two about how to blog. We learned how to use sliders, what copyright is and that there are lots of holidays around the world that different people celebrate.

As the weeks went on my writing became more in depth and it started to flow better. I have always had a challenge with spelling and grammar and during the blogging I was able to practise my spelling as well.I am looking forward to the next challenge after a nice two week christmas break.




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